Thursday, 29 October 2009

Coppering Up Pays Off

Problems, problems......despite suing them twice in 2 years, Paypal again are witholding cash in my account. As a result, I'm reticent to use Ebay to sell anymore items.....

Anyway, overcoming adversity is a great challenge, and not using Paypal and Ebay will leave much more time to make

Coppering up the change jar produced another £15 today, so thats £78.55+£15=£93.55.

Great news, that's step 4 complete, and onward to step 5.

Just 14 steps left ;-)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Making Progress

Unfortunately the ebay items didn't sell (I'll be relisting shortly though). The good news is that I sold another book on Amazon, bringing in £13.81. This brings the new bank to £78.55.

If any readers are looking to sell any broken or unused gold, then i buy :-) I'm hoping to start trading gold with my £78.55.

I really need to knuckle down on this project, as I get motivated by results only, and so far things are happening too slowly (although, I'm £78.55 better off than when i started).

Watch out for further updates. If anyone has any ideas to help, please get in touch....I'll even credit you with a mention if I use your idea.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Slow Day

I found a few bits to put on Ebay, and woke this morning to find that Ebay had cancelled the listing due to a violation.

Anyway, I relisted the item, so fingers crossed....

Another idea that you may be interested in is a small business that you can grow with your doubling. Try it for free for 7 days here:

This enables me to earn a pretty good income for very little work, with a monthly cost of just £6.

I recommend trying out the trial, you'll also get free ads and ppc ads :-).

The doubling method is all about multiple streams of income.

Keep posted for tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Coppering Up....

Here are a few things that I've done so far, in order to make a rapid start to accumulating cash.

1) I opened an Amazon seller account to sell my old books.
2) I counted up my trusty change jar......Keep one, you'll be surprised how coins accumulate.
3) I already have an Ebay account, to clear some clutter.

None of the above steps cost any money, and i recommend decluttering on a regular basis, as well as keeping the reigns on non-essential spending.

Here's where I'm at today:

Unexpected cheque received today for £36.95
Amazon payment received from selling books £21.79
Bagged change from change jar £6.

Total £64.74.

Not a bad start for a quick clearout.

I'm now at step 3 £40-£80.

Just 15 steps to go.......

I think i'll look for some stuff to sell on Ebay.

Lets get started.


Thanks for stopping by, and checking out my lifechanging experiment.

I aim to start with some loose change, and grow this over time into a million pounds....

Now i realise that, that seems a lofty goal but even if i fail, i'll be well ahead financially from where i am now. I'd like to share ideas with my readers with the aim of helping each other progress and achieve our goals.

I actually got the idea for the Doubling Method from Stuart Goldsmith. You can get a copy of his work by Googling him. The premise though is to start with some seed capital, and double it, by trading, selling, working, or whatever.

1 £10
2 £20
3 £40
4 £80
5 £160
6 £320
7 £640
8 £1280
9 £2560
10 £5120
11 £10,240
12 £20,480
13 £40,960
14 £81,920
15 £163,840
16 £327,680
17 £655,360
18 £1,310,720

There we go, just 18 steps stand between me now, and me becoming a millionaire.